With only one and a half week to the fair: “BOLIG-MAD-DESIGN” in Forum in Copenhagen the 22-24-October 2021, it’s time for another preview of a multifunctional piece of furniture in the series “Letters from Blinkenberg CPH“.
This time a footstool and stool for X- and F-Chair. The stool is so new that it is still only produced in Smoked Oak with hemp Cords in nature, but it will of course be available in all matching version to the X- and F-Chair. It is not even in our shop yet.
With the X- or the F-Chair, the ∏-Stool forms a comfortable Chaise Lounge, where you decide whether to place it so it supports your calfs, or weather you give it a little more distance so you can rest your heels in the hemp cords.
Although the design does not immediately reveal it, the ∏-Stool (Pi-Stool) is designed as a multifunctional piece of furniture that can serve as both a footstool and a stool. Conversely, as the stool, one sets oneself the immediately intuitive, ie. with the high side below the knees, where the flexibility of the cords makes the stool adapt so that you either sit stably with a straight back, or with a pose like The Ponderer.