About Blinkenberg CPH

Blinkenberg CPH is founded in 2015. I am Great Grandson of Cabinetmaker Søren Willadsen, Grandson of Knud Willadsen and son of Architect Jørn Blinkenberg Willadsen.

With Blinkenberg CPH, I develop and designs furniture and home accessories. Inspired by Bauhaus and De Stijl, my style is characterised by functionalist production and usage principles.

The product portfolio range from Custom Made designs and Unika products, to Limited Editions (Ltd) and larger scale production produced by hand-picked manufactores for selected distributers and retailers.
In addition, the portfolio includes patented and / or design-protected products that I unfortunately haven’t had the capacity or liquidity to produce and market yet.

Cabinet Maker Søren Willadsens factory in Vejen

About the designer and founder

I am autodidact within design and carpentry work, with a past as a Master in Social Science working as a Product developer and Digital Marketing Director among others.
I left the medico business to live out my life-long dream of working with design development.

As a kid, I always worked on inventions and at the age of only 10, I was often seen in the local neighbourhood in homemade sail karts or other constructions for transportation and sailing. I dreamed about taking a formal education as industrial designer, but after spending some years in construction and design industry, I moved to France working in the travel industry living another dream as a semi-pro alpine skier and mountaineer.

After some yeas in the travel industry, I more or less by coincidence ended up taking a Masters degree in Social Science and Public Relations. I started working with product development in the Telco industry, ending up as Head of Product Development at Denmark’s biggest Telco provider TDC. From the Telco industry, I moved to the energy consumption industry and later the pharmacy industry working as an executive within Marketing and Digital Communications at DONG Energy and later Coloplast.

Despite my talent for product development and digital communications in particularly, the old dream of carrying out some of his many designs still lived. My last job in the larger industry was as Head of Digital Communication global in the Danish Med-Tech company Coloplast. After that, I decided to follow the dream of my youth, founding a company where he could combine my desires and skills for designing and inventing, with my backgrounds in product developing and marketing and as a Master of Social Science.

Award winning designs

This has, among other designs, resulted in the award winning build-a-balance-bike concept – the patented BLINKENBIKE Concept – that due to unforeseen circumstances and lack of funding never saw the day of light in large scale, and although the design won prices and was exhibited at The Danish Pavillion on Ipanema Beach during the Olympics in Rio.

Whether The Blinkenbike Concept will ever reemerge is still a question. In the meantime the Letters by Blinkenberg CPH has finalised with a full living room series consisting of The X-Chair, F-Chair, Capital K-Table and π-stool with more products to come. You can also choose the Placid Wave Coffee Table instead of K-Table, and decorate with Home Decor from the Wave-Series. Either way you end up with a stylish living room with products from Blinkenberg CPH.

In 2018 I won the COPENHAGEN MAKER AWARD with VIP WATERFALL and Blinkenbike.