Blinkenberg Willadsen

Blinkenberg Willadsen – is an enterprising family with cabinetmaker- architecture- and design-traditions throughout six generations.

It all started with Peder Willadsen as the first Cabinet Maker in the Willadsen family.
Later followed Søren Willadsen that started Søren Willadsens Møbelsnedkeri in Vejen. His son, Knud Willadsen followed up with a factory in Birkerød.
Knud’s son, Jørn Blinkenberg Willadsen, is also educated Cabinet Maker but continued studying Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Only one Blinkenberg CPH – design, prototyping, cabinetmaker and production

I reasumed the family tradition and founded Blinkenberg CPH in 2015 as “Blinkenbike” and from 2017 as “Blinkenberg CPH”

In addition to Blinkenberg CPH, my cousin Lene Blinkenberg has a shop that deals in design and handicrafts, while my sister and her sons – my nephews – are also in the business as Blinkenberg & Scheel and Blinkenberg Møbelsnedkeri.


Confusing Brand name changes in the family


Blinkenberg Møbelsnedkeri ApS

My sisters twins, Albert and Emil first used the name “Blinkenbros ApS” and later “Søren Willadsens Eftf. ApS” which turned out to be a breach of the old brand name “Søren Willadsen Eftf.” and another brand name called “Søren Willadsen”. It lead to the company changing its name to “Blinkenberg Møbelsnedkeri ApS” in 2022.
This, however was not without problems, as it was a breach on the name Blinkenberg CPH that was also registrated under the URL blinkenbergmø This lead to harmfull confusions between “Blinkenberg CPH” and “Blinkenberg Møbelsnedkeri”.

Therefore, it must be pointed out that Blinkenberg CPH’s works primarily are Design and furniture production, with prototype production and production of small series in our own workshop, where as Blinkenberg Møbelsnedkeri ApS primarily produces kitchens, walk-in closets and the like – as shown on their homepage.

Blinkenberg& Scheel

“Blinkenberg&Scheel” used the personal name “Anja Blinkenberg” (unregistered) and later “aFactory” and after that “B94” until Anja and her boyfriend in 2022 took the brand name “Blinkenberg&Scheel I/S”.

Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen