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In April 2021 Blinkenberg CPH is launching a lot of new products and product variants in a campaign on Kickstarter with delivery guarantee* on all Early Bird offers. At kickstarter you can back us and acquire the X-Chair and a lot of new products at a highly deducted price.
Visit the campaign or go directly to Wave Series or Home Décor to se some of the new products, and don’t forget to follow on Facebook to stay ahead with the latest news.

*With Kickstarter delivery guarantee, we promise to deliver all products marked “Early Bird”, even if we do not reach our campaign goal.
So why don’t we make a traditional campaign? The answer is quite simple. Economics! Campaigns cost money so instead we hope to get some of the spin-off effect a crowdfunding campaign can get, and through the campaign boost our revenue and be able to launch even more new products – among those the F-Chair, which is a version of the X-Chair with armrests and a firm seat.

Danish Design with proud craftsmanship traditions

Blinkenberg CPH is founded by Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen, a Great Grandson of Cabinetmaker Søren Willadsen. We are a small design company that develops and designs furniture and home accessories. Inspired by Funkis, the style is characterised by functionalist production and usage principles that have been completed down to the smallest details.

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For private and business

The product portfolio includes “on demand productions” handmade in own workshop (Unika), Limited Editions (Ltd) produced by hand-picked manufactores and larger scale production for selected distributers and retailers.
In addition, the portfolio includes patented and / or design-protected products that we as of now haven’t had the capacity or liquidity to produce and market – e.g. The Blinkenbike Concept and several furnitures and home décor.

Some of these products are being launched in a Kickstarter Campaign in April 2021.

Søren Willadsen’s furniture factory in Vejen

Latest News

Blinkenberg CPH on Kickstarter

Here is your chance to get a X-Chair below half price, or acquire one of the new products from the Wave Series at a very attractive introduction price! The campaign is launched 31’st of March and will run for approximately one month ending the 30’rd of April 2021. Throughout the campaign new furnitures and home accessories […]


The sketches for the very first X-Chair, were a lounge chair in steel and leather, which was also my first design 100% drawn in Autocad. It is a chair with a frame that is based on a laser-cut stainless-steel plate, which is subsequently bent into shape and fitted with a single leather cushion without padding. […]

Buy a Blinkenbike Special Edition

This is an exclusive opportunity to purchase your own unique Blinkenbike Tribute to Nimbus. UNIKA is a special production of a Blinkenbike. Although the basic frame is that of the standard Blinkenbike, what is unique about this edition is that it is made with partially handcrafted accessories that require a comprehensive and time consuming process. […]


…as long as stock is available!