Furnitures and Home Decor from Blinkenberg CPH is inspired by Functionalism, the style that characterised what later became the epitome of Danish Design. Blinkenberg CPH is founded by Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen who gets most of his inspirations from Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Nanna Ditzel, Kay Bojesen among others.

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“Letters from Blinkenberg CPH” is based on the X-Chair which was intended to be a DIY-design but ended up as a quality piece of furniture in hardwood. It has since been extended with a chair with armrests and fixed seat (F-Chair), a stool (∏-Stool), a coffee table – and many other designs to come.

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The Wave Series is a reinterpretation of the superellipse table clamps-legs. The Wave-legs are laser cut from a flat sheet metal which is subsequently bent into shape. This sculptural transformation of a flat piece of metal causes the Wave Product to change visual character depending on angle from which it is viewed.
All products in the Wave Series is made of the same piece of metal, optimising usage and reducing waste.


The VIP CONCEPT is a series of lounge chairs with matching furniture.
Invented on the basis of a formula inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man the unique shape is suited for persons in very different sizes and shapes. It has a “build-in tilt-function” that is solely based on the human anatomy and gravity.


The BLINKENBIKE Concept is a patented Danish Design and the worlds first “Build-a-Balance-Bike”, designed so a toddler from just 2-year old can attach and detach parts and thus build different bike-layouts on the basic of one bike.


Not everything has to be part of a concept. Sometimes a design just arises from a simple idea. However, designs from Blinkenberg CPH rarely compromises functionalism.

Latest News

This can be yours Anyday

At Blinkenberg CPH, we make design furniture in high quality, and we know that our furniture is not cheap. That is why we have made an agreement with Anyday which means that in future you can choose to split your payment. You pay the first installment when the item is delivered, and the remaining amount […]

Blinkenberg CPH on FAIRE

It is a great pleasure or inform that Blinkenberg CPH is available at Faire, where we offer selected products to dealers all over the world. However most of our furniture is unfortunately not represented due to Faire’s price policy towards luxury goods, so the focus is on our products in the Home Decor category. Visit […]

Donation for Red Cross

Blinkenberg CPH has donated an X-CHAIR on Lauritz.com for the benefit of the Youth Red Cross The donated chair is a signed prototype – a delicious aniline leather cushion is included with the chair (not shown on the picture). The auction is part of a larger charity auction for the benefit of the Youth Red […]

New Retailer

BLINKENBERG CPH WELCOMES AISEN AS OUR FIRST RETAILER And that even with two completely newly developed versions of the F-Chair and ∏-Stool. F-Chair in a new color combination, and ∏-Stool with a newly developed leather seat. Before we could even announce it the first customer was waiting in line to buy the new chair In […]