Inspired by funkis style and simplicity, our designs are characterized by purpose driven features and production principles that are finalized down to the smallest details.
The founder, Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen is the great grandson of Søren Willadsen who was known for manufacturing for some of the greatest classic danish designers.
Nikolaj invents, develops, draws, constructs and produces all prototypes in his own workshop.

“Some of the best inventions and designs ever made are created on the basis of aesthetics, passion and laziness”

Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen


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At Blinkenberg CPH we make handmade Unika products (One Piece Only) and produce in small limited series (Ltd) at hand picked third party manufacturers. Other designs are manufactured on license and can be purchased in our shop as well as in other different shops.

We also offers some selected designs as Distributed Designs (DD), that basically means that manufactures can purchase specifications, drawings and files and produce in limited amounts.

Finally we make DIY‘s, that are FREE downloadable specifications, drawings and  videoguides.

Latest News

Now you can order a Blinkenbike Workbench

The ultimate masculine answer to the Brio kitchen for the workshop or the nursery While we are are still looking for a manufacturer for our unique Blinkenbike, we are now launching our Blinkenbike Workbench . Designed as a multifunctional furniture, the Blinkenbike Workbench is a tool board, a storage box, a petrol stand and a […]

Now in the shop! Egg- Salt- & Pepper-Cup

Blinkenberg CPH proudly presents our Egg- Salt- & Pepper-Cup, inspired by an almost unknown Egg-Cup design by Arne Jacobsen. When we say “Design with a purpose” we mean it. Our variation of the Egg-Cup is hand-milled in oak and smoked oak with an oil-treated and polished finish. It is multifunctional as it also serves as […]

Put an easter egg (cup) in the basket!

New home decor products soon – this time a very simple tableware product, but as some famous person adledgely said; “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication!” This time Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen has designed a small AJ-inspired egg cup that will be delivered hand-milled in oak and smoked oak with oil-treated and polished finish. Design with a purpose […]

Do you have a great idea?

We are always interested in hearing from creative designers with ideas that could be a part of our collection. It could either be a great creative idea or a concrete design.

Contact us with your design proposal and we will let you know if your design could be a part of the Blinkenberg CPH family.