Wave Series

Design by Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

The Wave Series originates from an idea that materialised when I was working on the development of the X-Chair. There I learned that Poul Kjærholm, when he developed the PK25 chair, was focused on the idea of making a chair that was produced in one piece.

Before I developed the X-Chair, I worked with a chaise lounge which also had a frame that was laser cut from one piece. Since this would result in a lot of waste, I got the idea that I should develop a series of products that could all be cut from one sheet-metal, which is subsequently bent into shape as a final product. This to optimize usage, reduce waste and last but not least, because I saw it as an interesting challenge to sculpture a product out of one piece based on bents that should al be made from the same angle, which eventually transforms a 2D product into an asymmetrical 3D design.

Up till now it has resulted in a prototype of a Coffee Table (Placid Wave) and a Bottle Opener and a finalized Toothbrush Holder and last but not least, two candlesticks.

Lightwave and Placid Wave

The sleek sculptural form of Lightwave and T-Lightwave candlestick allows it to be set sideways to the line of sight, illuminating that the candle floats freely in the air.

Same goes with the Placid Wave Coffee Table, where the tabletop is seamlessly floating in the air when seen from the front.
Placid Wave is – as many other Blinkenberg CPH designs – a multifunctional design. It allows the user to define where to place the legs which can be done totally without the use of any tools.

Lightwave, Rustic (Prototype - size changed in final version)

Lightwave final version – model Rustic

Counter Current, Rustic - bottle opener (Not in production)
Lightwave - Candlestick
Placid Wave - Coffee Table, White Oak 80x80cm (Prototype)
T-Lightwave, Rustic - Candlestick
Clean Wave, Rustic - Toothbrush holder
Placid Wave - Coffee Table, Smoked Oak 80x140cm (Prototype)