Unika, Custom Made & Interior Designs

In addition to designing furniture and home accessories, we also do Renovations and Interior Designing. It can be anything from sketches and floor plans to turnkey contracts with demolition and reconstruction.

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Unika, Custom Made & Prototypes

It sometimes happens that we get an idea for a new design or a design variant of which we make a single or very few copies, but which maybe never goes into production. It may be because the production is too expensive and complicated in relation to the target price.
All Unika, Prototypes and Custom Made designs are made in our own furniture carpentry workshop.

Unika:“One-Piece-Only” products or a small series of a variation of an existing design

Custom Made are products ordered by a customer. Variations can be made on demand.

Prototypes is the first product in a series. Prototypes are primary display. Can be ordered as Unika’s or “Limited Editions”.

Showcases - Interior Designs

Showcase – The Bachelors Apartment

The transforming part of a classic 1900′ century 4-room apartment. Project involved tearing down walls an a total reconstruction of water and gas-pipes as well as electricity.

The kitchen seen from entrance
Looking into the kitchen
The Kitchen seen from the sink
Bay window section as reading corner with hidden storrage room

The designers summerhouse in Asserbo

The transformation of an old dilapidated block house into a bright modern cottage, carried out with respect for the original surrounding environment.

Living room, dining room and kitchen in one - on less than 45m2
Welcoming the garden in the dining room
Dining room and kitchen seen from The Master Bedroom
The teenagers room
The Master bedroom
The 10m2 Guest house
The facade after renovation and rebuilt
Direct access to the terrace from the kitchen

How it all started…

The traditional summerhouse before the transformation