BLINKENBIKE – Creative Designer

Design by Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

Are you the Distributor that could be interested in the exclusive rights on country level or in general to bring The Blinkenbike Concept to market?
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Cut- fold- attach – and Go Your Own Way

Creativity is a part of the BLINKENBIKE DNA. A cardboard box for the BLINKENBIKE delivery, is designed with cut-out-ready templates printed on the inside – perfect for a creative parent-and-kid project.
Just cut out, and you are ready to attach a motor, a headlight, gasoline tank, numberplate etc. without getting your hands dirty.
The templates are of course designed so customers can download fresh templates, and as a distributer, you can launch new templates on ongoing basis to keep relevant contact with your customers.

Blinkenbike Creative Designer – Free downloads

The templates below are the standard templates from the cardboard box – a variety of additional templates are already developed in alignment with new creative accessories.