New Retailer


And that even with two completely newly developed versions of the F-Chair and ∏-Stool. F-Chair in a new color combination, and ∏-Stool with a newly developed leather seat.
Before we could even announce it the first customer was waiting in line to buy the new chair In the window when the shop opened the next day.

AISEN will initially be having F-Chair, X-Chair and ∏-Stool in their assortment.

Part of the DNA in the furniture series “Letters from Blinkenberg CPH”, is modularity to fit into the individual home setting. You can configure the furniture piece yourself when you order an X- or an F-Chair or other furniture from the series. This to fit in your specific home-setting. Choose between walnut or oak in three different finishes and combine with one of two different leather types and colours on the cords.
It represents a number of combinations, where AISEN ordered their introductory model in smoked oak with natural leather. The ∏-Stool was even developed with a leather seat, making it available with either cords or leather going forward.

See more about AISEN here and visit the shop at Gammel Kongevej 89-91 in Frederiksberg