Now you can order a Blinkenbike Workbench

The ultimate masculine answer to the Brio kitchen for the workshop or the nursery

While we are are still looking for a manufacturer for our unique Blinkenbike, we are now launching our Blinkenbike Workbench . Designed as a multifunctional furniture, the Blinkenbike Workbench is a tool board, a storage box, a petrol stand and a bicycle rack that can be used regardless of what bike you have.

The included accessories give the toddler ample opportunity to practice their motor skills and expore how to hang things on the tool board. The specially designed BLINKENBOLTS act as hooks, while with their varying design they also fit through the lid as a “sorting-box toy”.

Blinkenbike Workbench is a Ltd product so please expect approx. 6 weeks delivery time.