Maybe the right idea but the wrong timing

After a considerable amount of deliberation, Blinkenberg CPH is changing its focus. Our sister company – BLINKENBIKE – is now officially closed, and we have realized that Blinkenberg CPH did not have the necessary competences to simultaneously design, develop, produce, market and sell our designs.

Blinkenberg CPH is now solely run by Nikolaj, and with a new focus and our products on stock will be sold with approximately 50% discount.

In the future Blinkenberg CPH will be concentrating on designing, and only produce a limited amount of unique handmade designs. The hours will be spent at the traditional drawing table, in the workshop and as of last year, in Autocad 3D programs.

At the same time, Blinkenberg CPH will be looking for manufactures who could be interested in producing, market and sell my designs on royalty basis.

Production ready designs

While designing, Blinkenberg CPH ensure production optimization while concurrently stay true to the idea when designing new unique products. All designs are carefully prototyped in Nikolajs own workshop and with the help of external specialists in order to ensure that production in larger scale is possible.

When the product is finally ready for production, final handmade versions can be ordered as a UNIKA products, and some products will be produced in small scale – as for example the Egg Cup and the Hang On system.

New production-ready lounge chair just around the corner

In the future a new lounge chair with accompanying coffee table will be unveiled. The chair is already in the workshop as a final production prototype and will soon be offered for sale. The chair can be backordered as handmade UNIKA product.

A whole new series of tableware and furniture is set in Autocad files but can only be revealed when finances allow for prototype-production, which I don’t have the necessary production facilities for.


Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen