Introducing the T-Lightwave candlestick

The sleek sculptural shape of the T-LightWave candlestick makes the product appear different depending on the angle from which it is viewed. From the side, it has the visual effect that the candle almost floats freely in the air.

The Wave Series originates from an idea of making products and parts for some products that are all made out of one single sheet metal.

It all started out when Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen worked on a chaise lounge design. Since this would result in a lot of waste, he got the idea of making a whole series of products, which is subsequently bent into shape making a final product. This to optimize usage, reduce waste and last but not least, as an interesting design-challenge to sculpture a product out of one piece based on wavy bents that should al be made from the same angle, transforming the flat metal piece into an asymmetrical 3D design.

Right now, you get 30% discount on the first production series named “Rustic”, as it is the raw cut and bent product.
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