Retailers & Webshops

Please note that our dealers and partners do not necessarily carry all of our products. If you are interested in one of the products you see on the page here, we recommend that you reach out to your favorite retailer and buy our products through them.
Of course, if they do not want the specific product in their portefolio, you are always welcome to buy it directly in our webshop.


Gl. Kongevej 89-91
DK-1850 Frederiksberg C
Tel. +45 3321 1208

Kystvejen 5b, Strøby Egede
DK-4600 Køge
Tel. +45 4279 3436

Witzke Design
Hovedvagtstræde 6
DK-3000 Helsingør
Tel. +45 8834 1919

B2C Webshops (coming soon)

Functional design should be experienced…

When we buy delicious and timeless new Danish Designs, we often have our favorite store. Do not hesitate contacting us, if you are interested in seeing Blinkenberg CPH’s products at your preferred dealer. We will be happy to contact them making a dealer agreement.

Webshops are for busy people…

and for people that knows what they want. You might even have seen our products at an exhibition and knows exactly what you want, and you migt even have e preferred webshop to do your shopping. Do not hesitate contacting us to make our products available in your preferred webshop.