The Wave Series – Product information

Design by Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

The Wave Series originates from an idea that materialised when I was working on the development of the X-Chair. There I learned that Poul Kjærholm, when he developed the PK25 chair, was focused on the idea of making a chair that was produced in one piece.

Before I developed the X-Chair, I worked with a chaise lounge which also had a frame that was laser cut from one piece. Since this would result in a lot of waste, I got the idea that I should develop a series of products that could all be cut from one sheet-metal, which is subsequently bent into shape as a final product. This to optimize usage, reduce waste and last but not least, because I saw it as an interesting challenge to sculpture a product out of one piece based on bents that should al be made in the same angle.

Apart from a few detours in those principles, the Wave Series consists of products cut from a sheet-metal, which is subsequently bent into shape – I named it Wave because Bent doesn’t have the same exclusive sound and because it is a first name in Danish.

T-Lightwave – candlestick for tealights or block candles

Lightwave – candlestick

Counter Current – bottle opener

T-Lightwave – candlestick

Clean Wave – Toothbrush holder

Placid Wave – Coffee Table