Blinkenbike Nimbus – Unika

5.995,00 DKK

Blinkenbike Nimbus is Unika product based on the first prototype production series with mahogany inlays and hand-made accessories.
The product shown on the pictures is a prototype. The purchased blinkenbike will be hand-made from the original templates and machine-milled in order to live up to our quality standards.
Please expect 6 weeks delivery.



BLINKENBIKE Special Edition is a hand crafted custom made bike of your choice. The “BLINKENBIKE Tribute to Nimbus project” is an example on how to get your own unique piece of design. You can order handmade UNIKA products as collectors item, or your compagny can get a series of their very own BLINKENBIKE Special Edition.

BLINKENBIKE Special Edition can thus be a unique marketing asset for campaigns or a bike for a targeted customer group.
Please contact Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen directly to discuss your options.

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