Due to inspiration by Funkis and simple multifunctional design, Blinkenberg CPH has a natural preference for Do-It-Yourself designs. With recyclable material from the junkyard and own residual materials, we can individually come up with designs that can be relatively produced easily by a handy man.
DIY’s designs are uploaded here with instructional videos, specifications and drawings for download so that you can make your very own unique product. And if you do not have the necessary tools or would prefer to purchase istead, you can buy UNIKA (one-piece-only) from us.
Please observe that our UNIKA Products are non-refundable and not covered by product guarantees.

RIM OF FIRE – Free download

This downloadable package contains:

  • Instructions with list of needed tools and materials
  • Printable PDF files with measurements both in millimeters and inches

Please observer our Disclaimer while making DIY projects from Blinkenberg CPH!

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