Blinkenberg CPH introduces DIY-Designs

We believe in recycling and sharing ideas. We are therefore introducing Blinkenberg CPH DIY-Designs.
DIYs (“Do-It-Yourself”) projects are part of the current sustainability movement and will continue to be so in the future. With DIY-Designs from Blinkenberg CPH, we want to share some of our designs freely and without cost.
With the main focus on recycling, DIY-Designs from Blinkenberg CPH are based on materials that can easily be acquired from your local recycling center.
All you have to do is visit DIY-Designs on our website. Here you can download instructions and construction drawings and watch instructional videos from our YouTube channel.
The instruction videos can be accessed freely and in combination with downloading guides and constructional drawings from our website.
We only use our web-shop to make it possible for us to keep track of which designs are most popular.

The RIM OF FIRE is our first DIY-Design project by Blinkenberg CPH.

You of course also have the option of buying our DIY-Designs as a UNIKA product from our Web-Shop.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions